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What clients have said about our cleaning services
Within the last two months I approached more than three cleaning companies to clean our carpet, mattress, tiles and grouts. but the services from My Cleaning Doctor were quite impressive which is why I preferred it above all other options. I must say that the results impressed me a lot. They were quick and exceeded my expectations.
Getting into a new house is quite a stressful task and my family was totally in a diemma. With My Cleaning doctor we got our new house cleaned from every corner at an affordable price. thanks for the services!
Bella Day
When was the last time you took a good, hard look at your curtains? A key part of your window dressing, it's surprising how often curtains get neglected when it comes to cleaning. Unfortunately, dirty curtains don't just look unsightly, they can also harbour dust, dirt, allergens and even insects! Many people are amazed by the difference thoroughly cleaned curtains can make: from a transformed appearance through to a more hygienic, sweeter smelling room, pristine curtains have numerous benefits. In some cases, regular cleaning may even help your curtains last longer, reducing the risk of moth or carpet beetle larvae damage.

What type of curtains can we clean?

We use eco-friendly cleaning methods such as steam cleaning to ensure curtains of all shapes and sizes are clean and germ-free. Steam cleaning is our preferred method for cleaning delicate curtains or those which don't respond well to traditional laundering. Steam cleaning also works well for larger curtains which are unable to easily fit into a standard washing machine. Chemical free, steam cleaning is ideal for use in homes where individuals are sensitive to harsh cleaners or other allergens. Not only is steam cleaning achieved using only boiling water, but it removes dirt and kills bacteria, dust mites and other microscopic creatures which can irritate sensitive individuals.

Why use us to clean your curtains?

If it's been a while since your curtains have had a thorough clean, it's time to give us a call. Our team bring the following benefits when it comes to returning your curtains to an immaculate state:

Non-toxic cleaning methods that work

Able to clean curtains for many different types of window dressing

Curtains need not be removed in order to be cleaned thoroughly

Enthusiastic, professional team that can achieve stunning results, even on challenging curtain projects

Local company ensures punctual, reliable attendance at your property

A team that can clean either one pair of curtains, or a house full

Ability to clean fabric curtains, vinyl curtains, blackout blinds, lace curtains, net curtains and almost any other type of window dressing

What are the benefits of clean curtains?

Competitively priced, our service can bring the following advantages:

Curtains that literally look like new! We can remove stains, including mould stains if necessary.

Elimination of ticks, mites and other wildlife that can inhabit undisturbed materials

A whole fresh look to your window dressing

Curtains which last longer, as toxins and insects that may weaken curtain fibres are removed

If you're contemplating binning your old curtains, simply because they've got so grubby, why not give us a call? Even curtains that look as if they're really past their best can be miraculously restored using our steam cleaner and other advanced cleaning methods. With high-quality curtains a costly investment, it makes sense to ensure they're kept in top condition with regular cleaning. We are able to clean curtains regularly, or as part of a deep down clean.

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